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Ready to Simplify Your Home? Some Questions to Help

Once the holidays are over and the decorations come down, it’s common to take a serious look at your home and decide to make some changes. Lifestyle changes, including diet and exercise, often result in looking at other ways to remove excess clutter, and taking a more minimalist approach to our homes is common.

The biggest challenge is where to start and what to remove. Some experts in the field have prepared a few questions to help you determine what to keep, and what is valuable to you. As you consider changes, ask yourself these questions about the items:

· Do you use, need, or love it?

· Is there historical or personal value to the item?

· Does it add significance or stress to your life?

· How do you want your home to feel? Spacious, light, cozy, warm, eclectic?

· Why is it hard to part with the item? Is there sentimental value?

· Would you rush to save it in a fire?

· Would you buy it again?

· Do you own similar items?

· Will you use it again this year?

These thought-starter questions will lead to others. Think about that jacket you loved wearing two decades ago; will you ever wear it again? Probably not. Yet, you have it in your closet and can’t seem to part with it. Does it bring back memories? Do you need the jacket to remember?

These and other questions and considerations can help you streamline your home and lifestyle, allowing you to start fresh with the things that truly matter.

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