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Home Value Analysis

This Washington Post article exposes how nearly 25% of the time Zillow's home value estimates are more than 10% different from the sale price. To make a major life decision like selling your home, you need the best information possible. You can't rely on automated software like Zillow.


That's where we come in: we do a home value analysis that's more accurate because we visit your property in person, then do several hours of real human research, and analyze your home's value from four different perspectives.

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Are Automated Value Estimates Accurate?

This Investopedia article details how automated valuations are not as accurate as most people think.  Zillow's CEO sold his property for about 40% less than the Zestimate, per


Zillow's CEO even says, "To determine a more accurate opinion of a home’s value you should hire a real-estate agent."

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