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17 Stunning Front Yard Fence Ideas for Any Architectural Style

Enhance your home's appearance while defining your yard’s perimeter with the right fence.

By Leanne Potts Published on March 27, 2024

A fence puts a finishing touch on your front yard, adds privacy, and defines your property boundaries. It can also also keep your pets in the yard (or the neighbors' pets out). A good front yard fence can also increase your home’s curb appeal.

A front yard fence should complement your home style, so choose a fence with design elements and materials that tie it to the house’s architecture. A good front yard fence should also frame your house, but not obscure it, as a backyard privacy fence does. Modern options for a front yard fence go far beyond the classic white pickets and metal railings. You can get creative with materials, colors, shapes, and heights.

To inspire you to build the perfect fence for your home, we're sharing our best front yard fence ideas in all design styles.

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Wood Fence with Wire Panels

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