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Is It Finally Time to Ditch Design Trends and Embrace Your Personal Style?

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Almost 3 decades ago, HGTV launched its line-up of home improvement and design shows. Since that time, consumers have had access to the latest trends in home style and millions of viewers have enjoyed trying new designs in their own homes. Unfortunately, this has also led to the pressure to conform to the latest fad. Inexpensive big box home stores have made changing style more affordable, but these cookie-cutter rooms have left many homes lacking any sense of personal style.

Design trends can be inspiring. It’s fun to add a new color or texture to a room. Style magazines and TV programs offer fresh ideas and aesthetics to try. The goal should be to try one or two new things to add spark to the space. We’ve all seen the result of design overload, whether it is a farmhouse-styled urban loft or a slick Scandinavian modern located in the country. Little about these homes reflects the style and personality of their owners, much less the neighborhood in which they are located.

Capturing personal style is the key to a warm and inviting home. By designing a space that incorporates lifestyle, there’s always room for the fascinating vase found on vacation or a bright, bold rug that catches the eye. Rather than chase the latest update, building a timeless environment offers a home that the owner will love and appreciate for years to come.

It may finally be time to ditch the trend-driven approach to decorating and embrace our personal style. A beautiful and welcoming home is the best design there is.

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