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Featured in Triple | James Buckley & Canopy Real Estate

Updated: Jun 11

We're honored Canopy Real Estate was recently featured in Triple Magazine, a trusted source of real estate information. Their comprehensive coverage spans industry trends, pricing insights, and regulatory updates. Triple is committed to delivering essential resources for discovering top-quality providers and services. Each category on our platform features the best of the best in the industry, ensuring that readers find exactly what they're looking for.

Triple Magazine aims to empower our readers, assisting them in making well-informed decisions, even in unfamiliar areas.

Selection Process

"Triple's selection process involves a rigorous methodology based on eight distinct criteria. Our dedicated editorial team curates and maintains an extensive database of work histories and capabilities, drawing from licensing information, review sites, and brokers' own web pages. This meticulous research, combined with original investigative work, results in comprehensive and informative lists of top professionals."

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