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Potomac, MD

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Potomac, MD is home to some of the DC area's elite. Often ranked in the top 10 in affluence and education attainment by national media, Potomac is known for large green lawns and stately homes. Not all of the area's homes are mansions; there are plenty of ramblers and split level ranch homes. And while many homes sell for multi-millions, you can still find homes for sale there for under a million. Potomac’s friendly and serene character is prominent; it's close to many natural parks and preserves, including Great Falls park along the Potomac River, Scotts Run Nature Preserve, and Cabin John Park. Country clubs and golf courses abound.

Restaurants, Retail, and Entertainment

Potomac Village isn't a foodie's heaven, but it offers retail and restaurants that suffice for residents' everyday needs, including two grocery stores, a couple of drugstores, a few banks, an ACE Hardware, a dry cleaners, a fish market, an eyeglasses shop, and a Starbucks.


Things To Do

  • Hike Great Falls Park and The Billy Goat Trail

  • Tour The Local Country Clubs (as a guest)

  • People Watch from Starbucks in Potomac Village



You can't get around without a car, unless you're sticking to River Road, the transportation spine which offers a bus route, or another main artery. The "closest" Metro is the Rockville station (Red Line), but that’s more than five miles away. River Road, Clara Barton Parkway, and Democracy Boulevard transport commuters to points east and south.

Schools & Safety

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