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The Best Way to Spend $1000 for a Bedroom Makeover

Surprisingly, the master bedroom is the most neglected room in the house. It gets overlooked because only the owners typically see it, regularly at least. Since it’s such a private space, a closed door can hide a multitude of bad designs – along with an unmade bed. But it’s also the room that starts and ends your day. Doesn’t it make sense to splurge a little – and a thousand dollars is even more affordable for most people.

1. Quick Seasonal Pick-me-up

For a quick spruce-up, focus on soft goods and accent pieces. Think about linens, bedding, towels, pillows, and rugs. Freshen your room with modern color themes and neutrals. Soft tone-on-tone is trending and creates a cohesive, calming effect. Perfect for unwinding at the end of the day. Create a “spa” environment.

2. Embrace Feng Shui

If your bedroom floor looks more like a messy closet, then it’s time to declutter and prioritize. Clear out all the mess and organize your closets and drawers. Remove unnecessary furniture and replace it with organizers that can be hidden behind closet doors. Remove any furniture that isn’t necessary to create a streamlined, simple design that inspires.

3. Add a Bold Headboard

For a fast change of look, change your headboard. Many options are priced well below the $1000 budget. A headboard can change your whole design scheme from farmhouse to modern to traditional.

Whatever your preference, you can create a private retreat in the master bedroom very inexpensively. For less than $1000, and a little effort and thought, you can create that special sanctuary that allows you to start and end the day in beauty that suits your taste.

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