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Pet-Friendly Properties – How to Find the Right Home for You and Your Furry Friends

Our pets are an important part of our family. No longer are our pups relegated to the backyard dog-run or our birds stuck in their cages. Our animals are cherished members of the household and love to be where we are. As a result, our homes must provide the comfort and safety needed to care for our animals.

Finding a pet-friendly home means paying attention to the features and amenities that will ensure your animals’ comfort and safety. For dog owners, seek homes with outdoor spaces that offer a safe, fenced area where they can play, exercise, and roam. While a private space makes this easier, condo or apartment buyers should look for communities that offer dog parks, trails, or green belts that can accommodate this need.

Our kitty or bird owners know that their pets enjoy watching the activity outside their windows. Wide window sills with yard views can actually help your pets’ sense of well-being. Look for rooms with areas to add a perch or scratching post so your pets can spend time with you and the family. Double check that all doors and windows have screens or other methods of making sure they can’t head outside without you.

Finally, before purchasing a home, understand the community association’s rules and policies. Carefully read the rules regarding the number, type, and size of animals. Be aware of the policies regarding barking or other noise too. Always request this in writing, review, and keep for your records. Our animals are treasured members of our family. Moving can cause stress for them and we can help mitigate this by choosing the right home, where they will feel safe and cared for.

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