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How to Prepare for Selling Your Home

Selling your home within a reasonable time frame and at a good price point takes preparation. And while having an experienced agent on your side is step number one, there are also some other steps you should take before your home hits the market.

If you’re thinking of selling your home, you may be curious about what you can do to ensure you’re prepared. Keep these three things in mind:

  • Know what makes your house unique.What sets your house apart from other luxury properties? Maybe it has a gorgeous home theater for private screenings or sports courts (indoors or outdoors) that lend themselves to hosting games with friends and family. Pinpointing those unique features can help us more effectively find and target interested buyers.

  • Think beyond your home.Think about your community and neighborhood. What local restaurants, attractions, businesses and amenities do you love? What might buyers be drawn to? If there’s a view that could cause envy, make a note of that, too. Then, we can talk through each of these alluring elements together to craft a persuasive listing for the right buyer.

  • Use multimedia to your advantage. Basic listing photos are no longer enough. In today’s luxury real estate market, you should have interior videos, exterior drone footage and 3D walk-throughs in addition to professionally staged photos. You may even want a dedicated website for your property.

We can discuss how to market your property to highlight its best features.

Are you considering selling your home soon? Reach out for expert guidance today.

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