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Home Insurance for Luxury Properties

If you have a high-end property with luxe amenities, then your insurance needs are likely different from those of the average homeowner.

For one, you may need a high-value home insurance policy. These are typically for homes worth more than a certain amount (depending on their location) and are typically more comprehensive than your standard policy.

In addition, you might also need additional coverage for specific features and belongings. Here are just a few of the additional insurance considerations you’ll want to take into account.

  • Unique Features and Technologies: Does your home have a custom pool, a sports court, a full-service outdoor kitchen or a biometric security system? Features like these will add to the replacement cost of your home. You’ll want to have enough coverage to account for these amenities — or even include a rider specifically for certain high-cost features.

  • Valuables: If you have expensive jewelry, valuable works of art, a rare wine collection or other items that would be costly (or impossible) to replace, then you probably want additional contents coverage. It’s a good idea to inventory these possessions and get them professionally appraised so you can insure them properly.

  • Liability: Do you host regular events or have staff working in your home? Then there’s a higher chance of legal trouble should one of your guests or employees get hurt on your property. Increasing your liability coverage can help protect you, as well as cover costs like medical expenses and attorney’s fees.

Are you searching for your next property? Get in touch today so we can work together to find what you need.

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