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Home Fire Abatement Tips

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Doesn’t it seem like it’s always fire season? Local, national, and even international news is filled with forest fires and dangerously hot weather. Once considered the isolated problem of a few western states, climate change has brought fire danger to locations never previously affected.

For homeowners, the expanded danger means utilizing fire abatement strategies is no longer optional and could mean the difference between surviving a fire and losing everything. Fire abatement means taking steps to ensure that firefighters can save your home. This includes creating defensible space around the house and other structures.

While no one is suggesting that you remove the wood deck, it does mean making sure that any flammable material is placed as far away from the house as possible. Stack firewood at least 10 feet away from buildings. Clear dry brush or pine needles on a regular basis. Remove flammable plants entirely; plants that contain oils or are especially dry during warmer months. For those living in extremely high danger areas, fire-resistant paints and coatings are also an option and replacing a wood shingle roof with modern materials can prevent embers from igniting in the attic. Wildfires are becoming more common all over the world. In the US, even traditionally cooler locations are regularly seeing double-digit temperatures in the summer and fall.

When working to save homes, fire fighters look for homes they believe they can save. By taking a few easy steps, homeowners can make sure their home has a decent chance of little or no damage during a local fire.

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