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Case Study - James Buckley earns his seller clients extra $25,000 through experience and judgment

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

James' seller clients' property was about to go on the market, and we received some invaluable last minute intel, but it wasn't good news. An identical home just went under contract for much less than the price at which we were planning to list the property... $25,000 lower. The sellers asked James, "Do we need to lower our price, or do we have the right price?" By reading the market, having confidence in the technical value analysis, and understanding the power - and limits - of a robust marketing platform, James advised his clients to stick to the sale price that was $25,000 higher. James was able to sell this property for $25,000 higher than the identical property. His clients got married 10 days before settlement, and this extra $25,000 was a nice wedding gift indeed! What would you do with an extra $25,000?

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