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Canopy Gives Back

Canopy Real Estate™ is committed to improving local communities through high impact funding and awareness. We love the communities we serve, and giving back is part of the deal. We have a special focus on education and the environment. 

For each sale a Canopy Real Estate™ client completes, Canopy Real Estate™ makes a donation equal to 1% of the commission earned. 

If there is a non-profit that is active in your community, and near to your heart, ask us to direct funding to them!

Below are some organizations that Canopy Real Estate™ has supported.

Brookland Football Club, (Brookland C.A.R.E.S.) a non-profit soccer organization that brings youths of all backgrounds together in an environment that fosters personal growth and community. The club offers financial aid so that all can join. Click here to donate.

Planting a Tree
Brookland Football Club
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